Re: Build issue on arm: undefined reference to `get_cpu_clock'

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Hi Jens,

On 08/10/2010 08:04 PM, Jens Axboe wrote:
> On 08/10/2010 08:11 AM, Michael Opdenacker wrote:
>> The get_cpu_clock function is only defined in
>> arch/arch-ia64.h
>> arch/arch-x86.h
>> arch/arch-x86_64.h
>> How are other architectures supported? I don't understand fio can
>> support them without defining the get_cpu_clock() function.
>> I did my tests on version 1.42, but faced the same issues with the
>> latest git version.
> Indeed, dunno what happened there. I'll take a look.
I have seen your addition of get_cpu_clock() for the ppc architecture.

By the way, wouldn't it be more portable to use the POSIX
clock_gettime() function instead of reading an architecture dependent
register? At least, this is recommended on

Thank you for your support,



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development, consulting, training and support.
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