Re: "Fix wrong clock source in mutex" broke fio for me

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On Wed, Oct 07 2009, Roland Dreier wrote:
>  > I did a quick check, and at least newer revisions have it. Hmm I'm a bit
>  > torn on this, perhaps the safer option is just to revert the bad commit.
> But presumably you made that commit because it fixed some platform?
> The default clock for pthread_cond_timedwait() seems poorly specified,
> I'm not able to find any definitive statement about what it uses, and
> pthread_condattr_setclock() seems to be option in the pthreads spec.
> Seems to be a mess.
> Anyway not sure what the best idea is....

I agree, in any case it's a lot more sane to specifically set the used
clock source. So lets just keep it as-is, if there's any fall out later
I'll deal with it.

Jens Axboe

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