Re: Ques on FIO output (how to interpret iops)

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On Fri, Jun 19 2009, Learner Study wrote:
> Hi:
> How do I calculate total IOPS done by different FIO threads/jobs?
> Following is output from FIO (with two threads)...
> Each thread shows "bw" and "iops" numbers. Towards the end of output log,
> there is "aggrb" which is sum of individual "bw" of threads, but "io" field
> (3 line from the bottom of output below) doesn't seem to be sum of
> individual thread iops....
> For example, Thread_1 has bw: 15k iops: 29366
> Thread_2 has bw: 15k iops: 29445
> But, the summary towards the end (third line from bottom of output), says
> "io=1,723MiB, aggrb=30,105KiB/s".
> In this aggrb is good but io doesn't match up (it should be 58781) ! Can
> someone please educate what am I missing?

Can you try a newer version? If the problem is still there, the best way
to get it fixed is to send my a simple job file that reproduces the
problem, and then I can easily fix it for you.

Jens Axboe

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