Re: current docs to install xen on f14

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On Sun, 6 Mar 2011, Mike Wright wrote:

> Installed myoung's latest f12.xendom0 which boots and runs in f14
> environment but when set to boot xen.gz with modules vmlinuz and
> initrmfs system segfaults
> From what I can see on bootup (first time I couldn't make a machine go
> *slow* enough ;) xen.gz boots successfully but fails almost immediately
> after beginning to load the kernel.
> Motherboard has no com ports and the bios' default font size is so large
> that whatever error messages scroll away.

To change the font add vga=ask,keep to the xen line and console=hvc0 to 
the kernel line, then pick a resolution when prompted. You may also need 
to add earlyprintk=xen to the kernel line.

Another thing to try is adding dom0_mem=max:2GB to the xen line as there 
have been problems with letting the Dom0 have too much memory.

 	Micahel Young
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