Re: Dom0 running dhcpd and domU dhclient won't work on the same machine

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On 03/04/2011 05:17 PM, Marko Ristola wrote:
> 04.03.2011 14:16, Roberto Fichera kirjoitti:
>> Hi All,
>> does anyone has the same problem on the same configuration?
>> Basically all the domU aren't able to get their ip address from the DHCPD
>> server running under the same dom0 with kernel
>> I tried different domU kernels but it seems doesn't work at all.
>> Any idea how to solve it?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Roberto Fichera.
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>> xen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> It should be solvable by configuring.
> I use bridge device br0, a remote dnsmasq server for DHCP and DNS. sysctl.conf is
> configured so that br0 works as expected: passes DHCP requests thrue.
> Your case is different than mine, so you need different configurations.
> Googling examples is a good start.
> You could try to use iptables LOG rules to track down problems.

I mean, it seems working because the dhcpd log shows that the requests
are coming from the domU but the domU doesn't get the DHCPD answare.

I also read about setting off ethernet tx offload under dom0 via "ethtool -K eth0 tx off"
but it seems not helping to solve anything, at least in my case.

Which kind of configuration you made in your side?

> Regards,
> Marko Ristola
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> xen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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