2.6.37 dom0 kernel

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I tried M A Young's precompiled 2.6.37 XEN kernel (under xen-4.0.1-6.fc14.x86_64, grub.conf modified.

I have a Radeon card.
I booted with and without modesetting, without success.
I booted successfully with Radeon driver without acceleration.
I'm sending this email from Dom0 :) Speed is as expected.

Here is the bug report:

Plain Radeon without any xorg.conf modifications on Fedora 14:
Initially there was a graphical modesetting based startup.
I switched from graphical startup progress graphics into text mode during boot: I could see textual progress messages during bootup.
When X tried to start, Radeon kernel driver caused a page fault, that it couldn't handle.
Full kernel stack trace was visible on the screen, and it could be looked up with Shift + page up / page down.
Unfortunately I don't have time to take a log via serial port this weekend.

With nomodeset, booting up progressed (disk IO heard), but the screen was blank all the time. I initiated a reboot from the keyboard.
With modesetting with the bug, keyboard didn't work. I initiated a reboot via reset button.

Here is the xorg.conf's part as a workaround for Radeon driver problem, /etc/xorg.conf.d/00-radeon.conf for Fedora 14:

Section "Device"

   Identifier "UseRadeon"

   Driver "radeon"
   Option "NoAccel" "true"
   Option "DRI" "false"

Section "Monitor"

   Identifier "MyMonitor"

   Option "DPMS" "true"


Section "Screen"

   Identifier "MyScreen"

   Device "UseRadeon"
   Monitor "MyMonitor"


Marko Ristola

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