Re: [fedora-virt] Dom0 xen support in Fedora 15?

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On 11/09/10 20:44, M A Young wrote:
> On Mon, 8 Nov 2010, Don Dutile wrote:
>> IMO, the pieces that the Xen folks have to whip into shape are the tools;
>> the missing kernel pieces are fairly well known (backend drivers), although Xen folks
>> are considering blkback in userspace instead of kernel space, so that may be
>> a new twist.
> I did see a post which mentioned that qemu had blkback and netback and
> wondering if they would work with xen, but I don't know any more than
> that.

Last time I tested they worked fine.  blkback should even provide 
reasonable performance.  netback most likely will be outperformed by far 
by the kernel's netback implementation.


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