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Re: Rawhide, pulseaudio, Skype

On Wed, 2008-06-11 at 22:58 +1000, David Timms wrote:
> Antonio M wrote:
> > When I start Skype I get:
> > 
> > skype
> > skype: pcm_pulse.c:274: pulse_write: Asserzione `pcm->last_size >=
> > (size * pcm->frame_size)' fallita.
> > Abortito
> > 
> > 
> > What does it mean???is it a problem with pulseaudio???

It means skype crashed because their pulse support is buggy.

> If you run it in gdb debugger [ $ gdb skype, r enter] , you'll find what 
> additional debuginfo packages would be needed, and a command 
> debuginfo-install to do so. Then run it again gdb again: now the trace 
> will provide enough info for it to be useful to a programmer.

You're wasting your time. skype is closed-source. There's no debuginfo
and we can't fix any problems in it.

Talk to skype about it. We can't help you fix closed-source software.

Maybe http://support.skype.com/ will help.


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