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New BugZapper Introduction

Hi everyone,

My name is Will Clardy. I'm a graduate student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. I've been using Linux for around 1.5 years now and I'm thoroughly hooked. For the past year or so I have tried many distros and have decided that Fedora best exemplifies the quality and values that I want to stand behind and support, and so from now on I am switching to Fedora as my primary distro. I wasn't highly concerned with the technical aspects of software until I began using Linux, but since then I've spent many hours seeking to learn all that I can. My experience is not extensive but is always growing. I thought that joining the BugZapper team would be a good way for me to extend my experience and give back to the Fedora community. I have a comfortable knowledge of Python and would like to learn the RPM system to work with packaging as well. I have never participated in bug triaging before so this is all new to me and any help would be greatly appreciated (I've found the documentation at fedoraproject.org and will begin there.). I'm looking forward to learning a lot! My contact info follows.

- Will Clardy

IRC: quexxon AT irc.freenode.net

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