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GIMP 2.8

Dear GIMP lovers,

for the first time after update to Fedora 17, I've needed to do
some simple edits to a few photos.

Now I feel it is time to say goodbye to GIMP and start saving for
Photoshop ...

There is no point for me in reporting bugs - this is some
fundamental difference between my and the GIMP developers'
thinking ("it is not a bug, it is a feature").

The first thing was that GIMP had asked me if I want the photos
rotated according to EXIF. Hell yes, I can hardly remember any
single case where I wouldn't want this. - There was just a little
problem that I simply don't know which orientation is "standard".
So I was really not sure what to answer, will the photo get
rotated according to EXIF or will it be rotated from EXIF
orientation to the physical orientation of the JPEG data in the
file? And that's where I got the suspicion ...

I wouldn't mind that "resize" got renamed to "scale".

What do I mind is that "Save as" no longer works as before. I
still have the possibility to choose the file extension, however
trying to use "jpg" tells me that it won't save the file as JPEG
and that I have to "export" the file. That sounds very "logical"
when I've opened somefile.jpg and I just want to save it as
someothername.jpg not to overwrite original; I do not want to
"export" to any other format than what was the original.

Ok, so I went to "export", did all the "advanced" settings and
saved the file. Then the same for the rest of files I had
altered. Oh, the JPEG settings dialogue doesn't remember the
settings over the editing session as it always did? The only
possibility not to spent half an hour clicking the same twenty
times in a row is to save the settings as default. But I don't
want these exact settings to be the default ...

Cool, so I've spent half an hour "exporting" the files. So I'm
finished, let's close GIMP. Hey, but what's that dialogue asking
me to save unsaved changes of a file that I have just saved?
Every single file that just got saved is treated as unsaved just
because I was so bold not to use the one and only holy XCF format
for reprocessed JPEGs? Okay, just enough for me ...

Next time I'll rather spend my time studying ImageMagick usage to
script the task even for less than ten images, rather than doing
monkey work.

So, feel free to join me with the moment of silence for the good
old GIMP that is just getting buried.


Karel Volný
QE BaseOs/Daemons Team
Red Hat Czech, Brno
tel. +420 532294274
(RH: +420 532294111 ext. 8262074)
xmpp kavol@xxxxxxxxx
:: "Never attribute to malice what can
::  easily be explained by stupidity."

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