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Re: Fedora-17 Irritations

Ed Greshko wrote:

Just wondering....  Do you think it would be a better idea to go the "custom" route
as explained in the link you've provided?   There is a chance that the files being
modified may at some point get overwritten by an update.

I would recommend creating a custom locale, but it will still need to replace the existing entry. You can't easily create a completely new country for example. What you could do is:

localedef -i en_GB.custom -c -f UTF-8 en_GB.UTF-8

Note that there are other encodings, but I think it should use the UTF-8 one by default.

Another issue is that the locale-archive file comes with the glibc-common package, so if that package is upgraded, it seems likely that you will need to run the command again to add your new locale settings. I don't know if it is rebuilt automatically during the package install or if it comes pre-built and will replace any changes you have made.
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