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Re: Fedora-17 Irritations

On 22/04/12 02:09, Samuel Sieb wrote:
Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:

Exactly the problem! I'm not French and I want English measurements to
be the
default for United Kingdom locale settings.

It looks like there isn't a gui for it any more, but see this URL for
how to change it:

You want to change the 1 in the following section to a 2.
measurement 1

I've done that to no obvious effect. Before you ask, I did reboot after the change so I'm stumped again (although I must be in the correct area). A little more poking around in the locale file to see if there is another parameter to change. ;-)

I'm not sure to what you refer in "changing the default paper size". I
find a location in which to set that parameter. It certainly isn't in
from the "Applications" menu.

You want the "Printing" application which is actually

That's fixed now. I found an HP Device Manager in the Applications menu and effected the change.

Many thanks for your help.

Peter HB
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