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Re: Fedora-17 Irritations

On 04/21/2012 11:52 PM, Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:
> Exactly the problem! I'm not French and I want English measurements to be the
> default for United Kingdom locale settings.

I'll give that some thought after I wake up.....  4AM you see....

>>>>> 2.I installed an HP printer via the Printers dialogue and I cannot find any way to
>>>>> set paper sizes to A4.
>>>> This can easily be set in CUPS.  Using a browser go to http://localhost:631/ and
>>>> choose the "Administration" tab.  Should be obvious from there.
>>> Again no problem. The physical printer is set to A4 and test pages print as A4 with
>>> KDE, but with GNOME 3.4 under Fedora-17 the output is American Letter size. Whence
>>> cometh it?
>> You mean the output of test pages?  Or?  After I change the default paper size to A4
>> (standard here in Asia) the test page in GNOME prints A4.  So, I don't see any issue.
> I'm not sure to what you refer in "changing the default paper size". I can't find a
> location in which to set that parameter. It certainly isn't in "Printers" from the
> "Applications" menu. 

Did you go to the CUPS interface?  http://localhost:631/   ???

Administration--->Manage Printers---->(Choose the Printer Queue)--->Select dropdown
menu "Maintenance/Set Default Options"

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