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How to change the default context for files in the home directory

I'm trying to set up F17 SELinux to accept the Swedish electronic
identity system called "BankID".  I had it working under F16 with only
a few file context specifications for its libraries.  (They need
textrel_shlib_t).  But it seems like the policy has been tightened up
a bit in F17, which made some more tunings necessary.  And I fail on
one of them.

This thing runs as a browser plugin, which starts a program, and
creates a few files in the user's home directory.  My question is how
to define the context for these files.  BankID creates a file called
".personal-<username>" and a directory tree ".personal/...".  I added
a file context like this with semanage:

/home/[^/]*/\.personal.*       all files    system_u:object_r:mozilla_home_t:s0 

After relabeling things in the .personal tree gets the mozilla_home_t,
but the file .personal-<username> directly in the home directory
doesn't.  If it exists, it gets the right context when I do
restorecon.  But it is created and removed each time the plugin is
run, and the next time the file is created, it gets user_home_dir_t.
Which the plugin in the mozilla_plugin_t context isn't allowed to
access, of course.

What am I doing wrong?

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