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How to get a .te file from an existing .pp file?

Hi all,

I've installed a software from the sources on a CentOS 6.2 box
and would like to setup a SELinux policy for it.

As I already use the software on my Fedora 15 server
Source RPM  : BackupPC-3.2.1-7.fc15.src.rpm
I would like to use the wisdom from the existing policy module:

I found this forum thread:

which ended with the hint:
"Use the tools from the setools package."

I tried this, but wasn't successful.
All the time running into errors telling me,
that these cannot open the policy file,
as it is no "base policy"

Can you help with instructions?
Or tell me, where to find the .te file of the Fedora package?

Thanks in advance and kind regards


PS: I found this instruction on how to generate the .pp
from the audit messages. So if there is really no way
to /decompile/ the .pp I will go this way:
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