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Re: making a file context change work for initrc_t and unconfined_t

2012/2/7 Dominick Grift <dominick.grift@xxxxxxxxx>
Attached you will find the mylikewise1 policy source module.
This should take care of both file context specs as well as known policy
that is additionally needed.

Please first remove the file context specs that you have added manually
with semanage earlier.
Thanks!  I made a couple slight modifications to add back in the /etc/likewise lines (since, after I removed my fcontext specs and ran restorecon on all the affected directories, /etc/likewise ended up as "etc_t" instead of "likewise_etc_t"), to escape a period and to unescape the underscore (since it didn't seem to be necessary and I like consistency).  See attached
 So far, so good. 

Attachment: mylikewise1.fc.patch
Description: Binary data

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