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Re: avc: smartcard token login

> Do any other login programs need this as well? i am thinking of gdm,
> sshd etc.
Yes and No. 'Simple' or stripped-down systems (or system which use 
'common' smartcards and do not need anything in addition to openct) do 
away without much else apart from OpenCT.

On my other machine I use pscs (or PS/CS as it is known) and I do not 
get these errors when I log in either via console or gdm (there is 
special smartcard-plugin which comes with gdm for example), but then I 
have two additional services loaded on that machine, which handle this - 
eventcard_mgr and openct-pcsc (a bridge between openct and pscs).

With some obscure smartcards pscs is also needed.

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