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Le 11/06/2012 19:19, Jason L Tibbitts III a écrit :
> It is theoretically possible for a PHP library to require apache, but I
> think this would be pretty rare. 

> As for requiring PHP, I'm not sure.
> Pear and Pecl libraries would have other dependencies and wouldn't need
> to explicitly require PHP but I'm not so sure about raw PHP libraries
> like php-Smarty.  

php package is the apache module (aka mod_php), so requires httpd

Library only require a php SAPI (mod_php, php-cli, php-cgi, php-fpm)

For example, one may want to configure

	nginx + php-fpm + php-Smarty
or	lighttpd + php-cgi + php-Smarty

And he really don't want to pull php and http.

> What would its dependencies be, given that it
> currently has only one dependency (on php >= 5.2.0-9)?

So, this is exactly what we need to fix / avoid.

This should be

Requires: php-common >= 5.2.0-9

(php-common which provides php.ini which define the include path of
/usr/share/php where library must be installed)

I think it only make sense to requires httpd for a webapp when it
provide an specific httpd configuration file.

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