Re: New packaging guidelines for Ruby

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On 02/29/2012 11:50 AM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Le Mar 28 février 2012 16:29, Vít Ondruch a écrit :

Pleas do not be mistaken. We are not speaking about building gems from
sources. We are speaking about building from package manager output,
i.e. build gem from gem.

So we are shipping stuff, which is not build from other stuff we ship, but
from magic upstream binaries? Not nice at all.

It is worth noting that .java files compiled into .class files or .jar files is not the same thing as .rb files. .rb files are not compiled*

Gem can be compared to an RPM that contains only python files for example. The source is the same as the end result, just packaged up.

You can definitely question if .gem files are in the 'preferred form for editing' or not, but at least, it goes a bit far too call it a magic binary.

* Some gems contain native extensions. These are packaged in the gem in source code form, and compiled when the gem is installed, or in our case, when the binary RPM is built.
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