Re: Creation of directories via tmpfiles.d directly after package installation

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On 05/10/2011 19:02, Tom Lane wrote:
> Jochen Schmitt<Jochen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  writes:
>> I have implement the creation of the /var/run/news directory in the
>> inn package via tmpfiles.d.
>> But It's seems, that the directory will not created directly after the
>> package was installed. so I have add the line
>> systemd-tmpfiles --create %{_sysconfdir}/tmpfiles/inn.conf
>> on the %post stanza.
> That's not the way to do it.  You should create the directory via the
> normal RPM methods for including a directory --- that is, make the
> directory in the install root and include it in the %files list.

Agreed: this means that the package properly owns the directory, unlike 
in the creation-in-%post case.

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