Re: Are brackets around macros required?

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On Thu, 18 Aug 2011 21:57:43 +0200, GU (Göran) wrote:

> Tom Callaway:
> > %namev%version
> > 
> > Is the macro %namev? %name? %na?
> Michael Schwendt:
> > RPM may accept it, but it cannot always parse it correctly either:
> > 
> >   echo "a=b" > %nameconfig.cfg
> > 
> > won't do the right thing even with %name being defined by default.
> Are you joking?  Or am I missing something?  Of course, it means
> %namev and %nameconfig respectively.

What about these?

  %define name emacs
  ln -s %name %name23.2
  ln -s %name %name-23.2
  ln -s %name %name_23.2
  ln -s %name %name_%version
  ln -s %name %name23
  mv %name.2

Do you parse them all without testing? (not even programming language knowledge
is helpful in all cases)

Unless we can teach editors (the most common ones used to edit RPM spec files)
to do the variable highlighting correctly, explicit brackets are the way to go.
If a variable name is surrounded by whitespace, missing brackets are okay.
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