Re: Systemd scriptlet comments

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Ville Skyttä (ville.skytta@xxxxxx) said: 
> >> Expected outcome: sysv init script and possible symlinks installed,
> >> bootup state saved, service loaded from systemd unit, restarted if it
> >> was running.
> > 
> > Don't do/support this.
> Packagers are already doing things this way, the packaging guidelines
> mandate this subpackaging approach if one wants to continue shipping the
> sysv scripts, and "yum install pkg pkg-sysv" will result in this
> scenario taking place on upgrade.  So in my opinion either this scenario
> must be supported, or the sysv subpackage approach banned.
> "If present, the SysV initscript(s) must go into an optional subpackage"

I'd prefer they be dropped entirely. Not everyone agrees with me, though.

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