anybody understand mingw's macros?

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i'm just fed up with this situation and try to debug this %mingw_cmake
macros and find out why not working.
since i can NOT find any kind of docs about rpm's macros! anybody know??

what and how %* works?
what is the %{nil} good for?

so what i find from /usr/lib/rpm/macros:
# The configure macro should be invoked as %configure (rather than
# because the rest of the arguments will be expanded using %*.
now i find the in /etc/rpm/macros.mingw %mingw_cmake before the
%mingw32_cmake call %* still contains the command line params. but since
%{mingw32_cmake} %*
called this way in stead of
%mingw32_cmake %*
the mingw32_cmake macro do not get the command line parameters. that's
why it's not possible to give the params further.
but if i rewrite the above two line than rpm macro deduction will fail
(i don't know why).
i try many different way tricks and trucks but none of them working.
anybody has any tip or anybody can help?

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