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Tom Callaway wrote, at 02/05/2011 02:18 AM +9:00:
> In some situations, this is not a problem, but there are some situations
> where it does matter:
>   * A library that is explicitly Required (example a dlopen'd library)
>   * The dependency from one -devel packages that is not noarch to
>     another -devel package.
>   * A non-noarch subpackage's dependency on its main package or another
>     subpackage (e.g., libfoo-devel depends on libfoo, or fooapp-plugins
>     depends on foo-app).
> The Packaging Guidelines (and Naming Guidelines) have been amended to
> reflect that %{?_isa} must be used for Explicit Requires and Provides
> that match those situations.

- Does this mean that mass packaging change will occur?
- Currently rpmbuild detects pkgconfig .pc dependencies, so for -devel
   packages containing pkgconfig .pc file now we usually don't have write
   dependency for another -devel subpackage like "Requires: foo-devel"
   explicitly (as rpmbuild automatically adds "Requires: pkgconfig(foo)")
     (and I guess we shouldn't write such explicit requires when possible
      and let rpmbuild handle such dependencies automatically)

   If dependencies between (non-arch) -devel packages must be changed to
   explicit arch-specific, it means that rpmbuild should also be changed
   to add arch-specific pkgconfig Provides / Requires (e.g.
   pkgconfig(x11)(x86-64) instead of current pkgconfig(x11)) ?

- And as far as I am correct this also applies to other virtual Provdes/Requires
   rpmbuild will automatically add.
   - For example perl(BDB) devendency on perl-Coro.x86_64 will be satisfied by
     perl-BDB.i686? Then this type of all virtual provides / requires rpmbuild
     will handle must be changed??

   Unless I am wrong to make things consistent such changes on rpmbuild must
   be required. However is this actually we want?

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