Re: Update for the GCJ section of Java Guidelines

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>>>>> "AO" == Andrew Overholt <overholt@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

AO> Let's make it a "use it if you want to" thing.

In that case, we still need to indicate some basic positives and
negatives of using it, at least so that people who think "it's cool to
include _everything_ in my packages" won't go ahead and do it without an
understanding of the downsides. has the current
guidelines.  We can obviously remove the caution box for Fedora 8 at
this point, but the first two paragraphs should be rewritten.

While we're in there, could you also verify that the rest of the GCJGuidelines page are
correct?  Anything else you'd like to add or change in the main guideline page?

Finally, what might EPEL (RHEL4 and RHEL5) need to do regarding GCJ?  I
suppose they still need to use it, and will need an indication of that
in their guidelines.

 - J<
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