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[Bug 823066] Review Request: php-symfony2-Validator - Symfony2 Validator Component


--- Comment #11 from Shawn Iwinski <shawn.iwinski@xxxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> Sorry, but I have miss that one
> /usr/share/pear/Symfony/Component/Validator/ValidatorFactory.php and
> /usr/share/pear/Symfony/Component/Validator/Mapping/Loader/AnnotationLoader.
> php
> use Doctrine\Common\Annotations\Reader
> So you probably need php-doctrine-DoctrineCommon (not yet packaged).
> So please
> 1/ assure this is an optionnal dep
> 2/ consider submitting a review for this package.

Almost the same response as
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=823075#c6.  However, v2.0.15
composer lists "DoctrineCommon" as "require" but it moved to "suggest" in
v2.1.0BETA1.  No change in PEAR dependencies between those versions.  It still
appears that this dependency is optional though.  I plan on packaging
DoctrineCommon soon.  If you feel this is a blocker, we can wait on this
package (and Form package and therefore Security package because of their

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