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[Bug 830013] Review Request: flowblade - Non-linear video editor


Richard Shaw <hobbes1069@xxxxxxxxx> changed:

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                 CC|                            |hobbes1069@xxxxxxxxx

--- Comment #4 from Richard Shaw <hobbes1069@xxxxxxxxx> ---
While I'd like to see this in Fedora, most video editors are in RPM Fusion.

I maintain Openshot and co-maintain Kdenlive. I actually packaged Flowblade as
well before I searched for it and found this review request.

The ffmpeg requirement is a blocker here and although you could remove it as a
"Requires:" it would pretty much cripple it so I think RPM Fusion (or ATrpms)
would be more appropriate.

A couple of things about your spec:

1. I think you're approach to sitelib is excessive. Even the python template in
rpmdev-newspec just uses:


2. Additionally, you can't use "%{_libdir}" because even though this is a
noarch package it will still resolve to /usr/lib64 on x86_64 systems. Instead


3. Have you actually tested the program? The default paths for the modules are
not correct once installed. I had to use the following:

# Fix module path in executable
sed -i 's|modules_path = "/usr/share/pyshared/Flowblade"|modules_path =
"%{python_sitelib}/Flowblade"|' %{name}

# Fix melt since it's renamed mlt-melt in RPM Fusion.
sed -i "s|melt_path = whereis('melt')|melt_path = whereis('mlt-melt')|"

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