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[Bug 823342] New: Review Request: rubygem-extlib

Bug ID 823342
QA Contact extras-qa@fedoraproject.org
Severity unspecified
Version rawhide
Priority unspecified
CC notting@redhat.com, package-review@lists.fedoraproject.org
Assignee nobody@fedoraproject.org
Summary Review Request: rubygem-extlib
Regression ---
Story Points ---
Classification Fedora
OS Unspecified
Reporter rpms@courteau.org
Type Bug
Documentation ---
Hardware Unspecified
Mount Type ---
Status NEW
Component Package Review
Product Fedora

Spec URL:
SRPM URL: http://rpms.courteau.org/fedora/rubygem-extlib-0.9.15-1.fc17.src.rpm

Description: Support library for DataMapper and Merb

This is part of a set of dependencies for rubygem-chef.  I've got about 14
packages to add, all ruby gems, and am looking for a sponsor.  Several of the
packages were previously in Fedora (F11 and F12), but were removed due to lack
of a maintainer.

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