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[Bug 810676] Review Request: aws - Ada Web Server (Web framework for Ada)

Pavel Zhukov changed Bug 810676
What Removed Added
Flags needinfo?(pavel@zhukoff.net)  

Comment # 8 from
(In reply to comment #7)
> I found a few more small problems:
> You don't use chrpath, and indeed it doesn't seem to be needed, so the
> dependency on it should be removed.
> Please use cp --preserve=timestamps in the makefile, or simply cp -a, to
> preserve the timestamps on installed source files and documents.
Replaced cp with ${CP} = /bin/cp -a 
> %defattr is unnecessary with current RPM versions, but it's not forbidden so
> you can keep it if you want.
> I think AUTHORS should go in the base package. Information about who the
> authors are is logically connected with the license file.

Spec URL: http://landgraf.fedorapeople.org/packages/requested/aws/aws.spec

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