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[Bug 799810] Review Request: python-picloud - PiCloud client-side Library

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--- Comment #3 from Volker Fröhlich <volker27@xxxxxx> 2012-03-06 09:09:54 EST ---
It's not LGPLv2 but LGPLv2+. APL 2.0 and LGPLv2 are not compatible, as far as I
can see, so you should mention both, as you do. But the three clause BSD
without advertising that src/util/cronexpr.py has, is compatible with GPL. So i
think the overall license should be LGPLv2+ and ASL 2.0.

Use the macros with mkdir as well!

Remove the Requires for Python at all.

What is it about this comment:
# These packages are not require for python >=2.6 but required for python = 2.5

I'm getting two warnings:

#Warning: Could not install bash completion scripts due to [Errno 13]
Permission denied: '/etc/bash_completion.d/picloud'
#Warning: Could not install bash completion scripts due to [Errno 13]
Permission denied: '/usr/share/man/man1/picloud.1'

The last line in the files section should be something like:

%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/bash_completion.d/*

Otherwise you'll own /etc and /etc/bash_completion. Why do you feel this should
be "(noreplace)"? It is not something users usually customize, or is it?

The package still doesn't build in Mock.

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