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[Bug 791263] Review Request: mockito - A Java mocking framework

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--- Comment #9 from Roman Kennke <rkennke@xxxxxxxxxx> 2012-02-21 11:14:26 EST ---
Thanks Alexander for the review! I fixed the Issues you mentioned and uploaded
a new package:

SPEC: http://icedrobot.de/~roman/mockito/2/mockito.spec
SRPM: http://icedrobot.de/~roman/mockito/2/mockito-1.9.0-2.fc16.src.rpm

I also have a number of additional questions:
- The included Maven pom is lacking a bunch of dependencies:
  - cglib (and maybe asm) because upstream repackages and includes them in
their own JAR.
  - JUnit4 because users of Mockito certainly must include that otherwise
Mockito doesn't make sense.

I suppose I need to patch-in at least the former two. Question: How do we deal
with Maven dependency versions? In Maven I need to put an explicit in the
dependency, which version should I pick? Do we also need to patch the versions
of the existing dependencies (hamcrest, objenesis) to match what is in Fedora?

- rpmlint complains about Requires: cglib, should I leave it out? Does rpm
really figure out that dependency by itself as it claims? And why doesn't it
complain about the other libs that I depend on?

Cheers, Roman

> Issues:
> [!] Pom file is available in the maven directory - it would be good to install
> it(mockito-core.pom) I assume together with a depmap. This will simplify a
> number of other packages where we build with maven and patch to strip out
> mockito because it was not packaged.
> [!] Please include the shell script used for generating the tarball as Source1
> in the spec
> [!] I suspect that there are missing Requires because there are too many
> BuildRequires but not Requires. Are they really build time only dependencies
> and not runtime? The mockito-core.pom lists hamcrest and objenesis as runtime
> dependencies, true?

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