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Summer schedule Audio spin

Evening all.

I have created a calendar[1] with the most important dates for the fedora audio spin. It mostly contains dates for IRC meet ups which have been set to every other week (starting June 11th), 18.00 (utc-1)[2] on Mondays. If this turns out to be a bad time for a lot of people, it can be moved. I would like to have the spin ready for review on July 1st. This will take some work from all parties involved, but with some elbow crease, good cheer and ice cold beer, it should possible. I'm starting to get excited about the fedora audio spin, and time will go very quickly. I will try to keep myself involved as much as possible until i join in full force on the 7th on June, but as my free time is getting less and less the closer I get to that date, my response time might decrease a little.

Jørn Lomax
GSoC person for the fedora audio spin

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