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Re: Fedora Audio Spin Accepted to GSoC 2012

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On 05/17/2012 11:06 AM, Brendan Jones wrote:
> On 05/16/2012 12:38 PM, Jørn Lomax wrote:
>> On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 17:25 +0200, Brendan Jones wrote:
>>> On 04/24/2012 03:53 AM, Christopher R. Antila wrote:
>>>> etc.
> Hey Jørn
> (if you can tell me how to get that crazy umlaut/o on my keyboard
> it'd be much appreciated)
> Thanks for the intro - it seems to me that you are exactly what
> the project is after. I too started out with Ubuntu studio back in
> the day but abandoned it for various reasons (mainly work related)
> and since joining Fedora have never looked back. You are right -
> Fedora has long since been considered a developer's distro but the
> fact of the matter is that most audio developers are using debian
> as their distro of choice. This means that we have a lot of catch
> up to do and hopefully we can turn the tables in due course, and
> bring both users and developers back into the fold.
> Whilst there is a strong packaging aspect of your task (and you
> should get your first package reviewed and mentored ASAP) there is
> also a lot of communication that needs to be had with the various
> SIG's involved. First things first, I'd suggest we start holding
> bi-monthly IRC meetings with you as the chair, and we can start to
> discuss such things as the package make-up of the spin, and what we
> can and can't do in terms of configuration out of the box. We
> probably will have  many questions to put to the Spins SIG. I'll
> leave it up to you to organize the IRC meeting when you are free
> from your studies. I work from home so am very flexible in terms of
> time etc.
> And most importantly, good luck with your final exam! If you need
> help or have any questions I'm there's a bunch of people here
> (myself included) who can help you out.
> cheers
> Brendan

Let's get started now, no need to wait! Firstly, I recommend writing a
task-list with completion deadlines for everything imaginable. To see
the level of detail I have in mind, refer to my 2010 Fedora Summer
Coding proposal.[1] This is what saved me... without a clear plan,
it's easy to get lost.

I'm in favour of IRC meetings, but they have a tendency to exclude
people from the decision-making process, and it's not always clear for
posterity why a specific decision was made. We need to make sure we
post everything on this mailing list in addition to using IRC.

Do you have a blog, Jørn? If not, you should get one, then connect it
to the Fedora Planet aggregator.[2] I don't know how true this is for
free/open-source projects in general, but in Fedora, decisions,
development, and changes are very frequently blogged about and put
onto Fedora Planet.

Finally, the most important thing I learned from Summer Coding is
about how FLOSS projects work. Your experience will be different from
mine, but for me it boils down to this:

(1.) The Audio Spin is now your project. Be prepared to do
*everything* by yourself. When you ask for an opinion, if nobody says
anything it means you get to choose. Don't wait for consensus, make it.

(2.) You can get any number of people to help you. They'll come from
the most surprising places, offer the least expected advice, and solve
problems much better than you can. It all depends on asking the right
way at the right time. Blog posts, IRC, personal email, mailing lists.
All countries, many languages, any demographic, and level of ability.
A 12-year-old may know something about JACK, and a person with very
low hearing may in fact know more about the audio stack than anybody.

I know these contradict, but that's how it is. Welcome to Fedora!



[2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Planet
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)

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