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Re: Content Packaging

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Absolutely right. There are some obvious reasons that Fedora hasn't
developed a content-distribution system yet, but that doesn't mean we
shouldn't. If there is enough developer interest, I think a
free-culture "content store" would be very useful.


On 04/14/2012 02:43 PM, Callum Lerwick wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Brian Monroe
> <briancmonroe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I've had conversations with others about packaging content
>> material for the Audio spin and it doesn't seem like that
>> currently possible with how things are packed in Fedora.
>> I know we don't quite have our package list together at this
>> point, but I think there's a need for decent content for some of
>> the plugins like samplers, reverbs, drumloops and the like. I
>> think the more stuff like this we have available immediately for
>> the audio spin, the more end users we're going to attract. Even
>> presets for things like graphic EQs and the like. Anything to
>> make less hassle for users...
>> Anyone else feel this way, or am I alone in my line of thought? I
>> may be easily persuaded after seeing it from another's point of
>> view and I wonder how important it is in the large scheme of
>> things.
>> On a side note, I have sourceforge project that we could host
>> content at if needed. (hurray for unlimited bandwith and drive
>> space for large files) I know we're a ways off in implementing
>> something like this, but it's not too soon to start gathering
>> resources for it.
> I think RPM is fundamentally unsuitable for managing large amounts
> of, lets call it "general content". It's purely designed for
> system-wide resources, mostly designed for executables, and I don't
> think that's really a good way to handle general content. It means
> stuff goes in /usr/share which means /usr/share will potentially
> grow without limit, which complicates partitioning. It means a user
> has to have administrator access to install, update and remove
> stuff. It means such content is subject to the Fedora release
> cycle, and update bureaucracy. While doing it through RPM is not
> completely unworkable, I think it can be done better.
> I think what we really need, in addition to RPM, is something more 
> like iTunes/Steam/Google Play/Xbox Live/etc, something that will 
> manage content inside a user's home directory rather than system
> wide. Everything would be stored somewhere under /home/, which is
> already expected to grow without limit. And administrator access
> would no longer be required. And such content would no longer be
> tied to the Fedora release cycle.
> If there's a need for such content to be available to more than
> one user, we should do it through some kind of shared user
> directory, stuff can go in something like
> /home/Public/{Music,Photos,Videos,etc}, and we add UI to make it
> easily accessible. Windows has been doing this kind of thing for a
> while now.
> This is an area where Fedora is WAY behind Apple, Microsoft, Sony, 
> Nintendo, Valve and even Google.
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