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Re: Content Packaging

On 04/12/2012 03:23 AM, Brian Monroe wrote:
Well my thought was perhaps set up a script that uses FTP since that's
one of the things that sourceforge offers with their account. We could
set up a guest account with read only privileges in a script that
downloads the .wav files and stores them in the appropriate locations
for samples loops and audio impulse files.

I don't know if a script and the FTP would be easier than enabling an
repo for newbs to Linux. I was under the impression that the rpmfusion
repos were disabled by default and there weren't any links to them in
the spin.

I also don't know if Fedora would allow us to package a script that
download content from off site either, though as I think about it,
that's what KDE and GNOME do for background pictures and sound motifs
for their DEs. Maybe it'll fly....

Sure that's OK. As long as its obvious - its not as if we'd be installing applications in parallel to yum. Good be a good application idea, i.e. a front end to freesound, soundfonts, hydrogen kits, synth presets etc

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