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Re: Thoughts on spin tools

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On 03/03/2012 02:46 PM, Brendan Jones wrote:
> Hi all,
> I been thinking about what we need to do differentiate the audio
> spin from a just a collection of audio packages in addition to the
> spins we already have.
> We really need some kind of UI or set of tools which tries to tie 
> everything together, allowing for the coexistence of
> jack/pulseaudio (or not), multiple sound device configurations and
> context switching between audio and normal desktop use. I've
> mapping out such an application and in my travels have come across
> laditools [1] and kxstudio's cadence [2]. Good to see that there
> have been some recent efforts in this area. Perhaps we can leverage
> of these.

May I suggest you post any resulting idea(s) for students to consider
for Google Summer of Code? (We're applying by this Friday, so sooner
the better.)


An idea can be e.g. getting tools packaged, dealing with dependencies,
pushing patches to the upstream, and tying it all together neatly for
the spin. If it's a large workload for one student over the summer,
split it up in to two or more ideas.

You don't have to be an expert in the technologies involved, you just
have to be good at connecting your student to people and resources to
get things done.

You might be able to find a co-mentor who has the knowledge to create
your ideas but doesn't have the time, so can have the students get
things moving along or completed.

If Fedora gets a GSoC slot, then any energy you put in before the
student proposal deadline to publicizing the ideas (e.g. to Stanford
students ;D ) increases the quantity and quality of student applications.

Cheers - Karsten
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