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Good hardware specs for a "Fedora Music" box?


I know what hardware spec I'd put in a server, and what spec I'd put in a standard workstation, but can anyone give me some idea of what a decent spec is for a Fedora Music / PlanetCCRMA / etc workstation is please? Do I really need a quad-(or more-)core system? what about RAM? etc? Assume I've done all the sane things like install Jack, kick Pulseaudio to the curb where it belongs, disable unnecessary services, etc. My current box is an "AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3000+" based system, but it seems to struggle with even the most basic tasks, and I struggle to see why. I want to be in a situation where I can be 75%+ sure that the hardware is fast enough and not causing me issues.

I don't hold with this (apparent) Microsoft philosophy of that the newer version of windows is faster, but that's because your new PC that comes pre-installed will be faster by virtue of Moore's Law, so I usually refrain from upgrading hardware too quickly, but this whole Fedora Music thing is a different ball-game for me, where I really genuinely might need the extra resources for a useful purpose.


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