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Re: audacity - audio editor - testers requested

On 02/19/2012 12:29 PM, Martin Tarenskeen wrote:

On Sun, 19 Feb 2012, Brendan Jones wrote:

On 02/19/2012 08:02 AM, David Timms wrote:

Following up on a scratch build from two weeks ago, the audacity project
[1] is now at release candidate 1 for audacity 2.0.0 [2], and is
expecting to release in another 2 weeks.

I've built packages for Fedora devel [3] and RPM Fusion 16 [4].

Slightly different topic:
I frequently use SoX for simple audio manipulation and conversion tasks.
The fedora version has been compiled without - among others - MP3 support.
I always rebuild SoX myself from the Fedora src.rpm but with several
libraries only available from RPMfusion

Couldn't someone package a "sox-freeworld" for RPM Fusion, supporting
ALL the file formats that are available in the SoX sources ?

After that "sox -h" would show

AUDIO FILE FORMATS: 8svx aif aifc aiff aiffc al amb amr-nb amr-wb anb au
avr awb caf cdda cdr cvs cvsd cvu dat dvms f32 f4 f64 f8 fap flac fssd
gsm gsrt hcom htk ima ircam la lpc lpc10 lu mat mat4 mat5 maud mp2 mp3
nist ogg paf prc pvf raw s1 s16 s2 s24 s3 s32 s4 s8 sb sd2 sds sf sl smp
snd sndfile sndr sndt sou sox sph sw txw u1 u16 u2 u24 u3 u32 u4 u8 ub
ul uw vms voc vorbis vox w64 wav wavpcm wv wve xa xi

which is more than what is supported now in the Fedora version.

Looks like someone is looking at this now [1]

[1] http://lists.rpmfusion.org/pipermail/rpmfusion-developers/2012-February/011803.html
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