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Re: Call to arms - Fedora Audio Spin

Just been taking a metaphorical chainsaw to my inbox and got through to the Fedora Music list at long last.

I've packaged up some bits and bobs and assisted with Fedora myself, for better or for worse. Anyway, this thread makes me think a couple of things that I'd like to throw in for the masses (nor not, as the case may be) to chew over.

- Couldn't this lot be done as a yum 'Group' or several? With that then incorporated into the standard installer environment?

- Then I think, ah, wrong kernel, and pulseaudio? But that could be grouped too, no? Have, say, Jack and have it conflict with pulseaudio somehow?

- Then it all sounds a bit complicated, and I can't help think that maybe a respin is a valid and sane way forward.

- But still, it might be nice to give the non-pro users a leg-up to that sort of stuff with package groups in Yum anyway? Surely you don't need an RT kernel unless you're really hammering at the audio?

- Having better documentation would be really good, and I've noted the "Musicians Guide" on my travels, which I fully intend to real real soon now(tm).

- Every person who's into pro audio that I mention about Linux audio says "ah, but will it accomodate my XYZ plugins/filters from a.n.other windows app"? As far as I know the answer is usually "yes", but I hope that's documented in wherever the docs are.

I'll gladly put in such time as I can find to make this happen, and if necessary to get it documented as well, because I want to start using all my kit properly through Linux, with the minimum of fuss (there was a lot of fuss the last time I had a go, in spite of PlanetCCRMA and other's best efforts...), help other people at the same time, but perhaps mainly, get some distractions from my day job which involves Linux too.

Another thing it would be nice to have is a way to use my laptop running Linux for dj-ing if I'm feeling extremely lazy on a given night (I'm not a laptop DJ when I do so, but others are, and, hell, CD's are heavy, physically as well as at times musically), but I could not find a suitable app for that. Rhythmbox has a cross-fade feature, but it's a bit "brute force" and not very nuanced.

If this helps, or provokes discussion in any way, then that's great, and if someone can help me with any of the above questions, that's perhaps even better.


Kev "Kyrian" Green.

Kev "Kyrian" Green.                        WWW: http://kyrian.ore.org/
Linux Security + Hosting + Admin/LAMP Coder @ http://www.orenet.co.uk/

     When I spit in the eye of the gods, then I will smile

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