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Re: orphaning 30+ packages

On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 2:38 PM, Christopher Antila wrote:
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> Hi:
> It looks like there are a few packages here that could be removed, like
> "flowcanvas" or "raul," which you say are libraries not used by any other
> Fedora package.
> On the other hand, there are a few packages here that are well-used (or at
> least well-known), and that need dedicated maintainers. If you are qualified to
> do this, I strongly encourage that you volunteer.
> Personally, I do not know how to maintain Fedora packages. But because I
> couldn't imagine letting them become orphaned, I hereby volunteer to pick up
> the "frescobaldi" and "rumor" packages. That said, if somebody with better
> qualifications would like to volunteer for these packages, I will yield without
> hesitation.
> What do I/we do next? Are these packages already submitted for Fedora 15?

Hi Christopher,

In order to maintain Fedora packages you need to be a sponsored Fedora

Please read
if you would like to join.

These packages will still be on Fedora 15 even if nobody picks them
up, but they will be on Fedora 16 only if someone picks them up.

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