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Re: JACK and Qtractor in Fedora 14.

On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 2:46 AM, Christopher Antila wrote:
> Hello:


> I want to confirm whether the JACK package that made it into the Fedora
> 14 freeze is based on jack1 or jack2.

Jack2. 100% certainly.

> I also want to confirm whether Qtractor will be included in the Fedora
> 14 repository.

Nobody can be sure about this. Qtractor is provided by  RPMFusion
because it has some libmad dependency. It can only get in Fedora if it
gets compiled without libmad support. If someone packages Qtractor
without libmad support and submits it to Fedora, and it gets accepted
before Fedora 14 is released, then it will be included in the Fedora
14 repository. Otherwise it won't be included in the Fedora 14

If you want me to make a guess, it will be in the Fedora 14 repository
by 3% chance. However it will be in the RPMFusion 14 repository for

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