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Re: music list - no owner

On 30/07/10 01:49, Orcan Ogetbil wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 5:05 AM, David Timms  wrote:
>> On 20/07/10 00:58, David Timms wrote:
>>> Hi, as a subscriber to fedora-music, now music@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
>>> it seems that the list is configured differently to other fedora lists:
>>> - when I receive and email, then click reply for other fedora lists, the
>>> reply automatically has the list address as the to: recipient.
>>> - on music, this does not occur, instead the mail goes back to the
>>> original author, only.
> Can you be a little more specific about what will change in my life if
> I start munching on reply-tos, whatever that means.
Perhaps this is something weird with only my machine ?

The situation is:
- A message comes into my inbox from the music list. (in a real client
like thunderbird).
- I click reply
- I get rid of the unwanted part of the quote, and write my response
- I press send

What happens:
- only the original author who sent to the list receives the response

What should happen: (eg. devel@ , users@ etc).
- the list should receive the response

Why I think this is unhelpful ?
Just about every conversation that begins on the list ends up turning
into personal replies only. So the list is uninteresting because it has
queries, and discussions with few responses (except for those people who
do something to ensure they fix their to: field before sending. I just
think it breaks the collaboration that the list is supposed to encourage.

Think of this like: there is a group of peers standing around in earshot
of each other. A person asks a question/starts a discussion, that all
hear. Then multiple individual people in the the group go over to the
discussion initiator and whisper a response in their ear, instead of
just speaking in front of the group, to share their opinion/answer/etc.

1. Does no one else see this issue ?

2. Lets say I go ahead and make this change, would anybody find it to be
annoying that the above "what should happen" then occurs ?

ps: Orcan: even the response you just sent ends up not being threaded
properly because it is to: me, but with a cc: to the music-list. And
clicking reply would have only sent it to you.
music mailing list

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