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Re: music list - no owner

On 20/07/10 00:58, David Timms wrote:
> Hi, as a subscriber to fedora-music, now music@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
> it seems that the list is configured differently to other fedora lists:
> - when I receive and email, then click reply for other fedora lists, the
> reply automatically has the list address as the to: recipient.
> - on music, this does not occur, instead the mail goes back to the
> original author, only.
> For a collaboration list, this is rather limiting:
> - ideas/answers get sent back to an individual, rather than all list
> members (by default). People feel like they are being singled out.
> - it feels more like one on one communication, rather than trying to
> build a "team" of interested people. Other interested parties miss the
> communication.
> Could the list configuration be checked and adjusted so that the
> reply-to music@list header is included ?
> Or should this be requested elsewhere ?
> Would you like me to announce the proposed change on the list incase
> anyone considers it a bad idea ?
Hi All,

At the moment,the fedora music list has no owner:
, and hence there is no one to perform a change like the above. Ideally:
1. we have an actual list owner / owners
2. depending upon our consensus: we should have the configured with
reply-to munging, so that hitting reply causes to to: address to be the
list address.

Are there any people who would like to take up the owner task ?

What do people think about 'enhancing' our collaboration by using the
reply-to munging as many other fedora lits use ?

David Timms
music mailing list

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