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Re: Musicians' Guide Version Questions.

On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 7:14 PM, Christopher Antila wrote:
> Hello again:
> Over the past few days, I've been trying to work out details that
> require knowing which version of certain software will be available from
> Fedora's standard repository in Fedora 14.
> The packages are:
> jack-audio-connection-kit : will this be based on jack1 or jack2?

Hi, we are working on preparing jack2 for Fedora 14. One of its
dependencies, ffado, is being reviewed, when it is done, jack will be
updated to 2.

> qtractor : will this definitely be available?  It seems to be in rawhide.

This is an RPMFusion package. It will be available on RPMFusion.

> supercollider-* : to confirm, these will *not* be available in F14?

I cannot say "it won't be in Fedora 14". Someone might submit a review
request and by then, and we will have it for Fedora 14. Otherwise we

> Also, here is a list of the other included software.  If you happen to
> know that a program will be changed dramatically in F14, please let me
> know, so that it can be documented correctly.
> -ardour

Most likely we will have a 2.8.x. If 3.0 is released by then we might
consider adding it to F-14.

> -qjackctl
> -frescobaldi

These will be whatever the latest stable version is

> -lilypond
> -solfege

I don't maintain these two. I cannot say anything.

> -rosegarden4

Again, we will go with the latest stable version, most probably 10.0x.

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