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Re: Musicians' Guide in Development; Testing Needed!

When I wrote the Guide chapter, I didn't realize that Qtractor wasn't
available from a Fedora repository.  I'd installed the software earlier,
and my system has had the RPM Fusion repositories installed for months
before that.  So, the portion about Qtractor is written from the
perspective of it being available in a standard Fedora repository.

Looks like Qtractor is in rawhide, but if it won't be available from a
Fedora repository, then it's going to be from RPM Fusion, which will
involve only a minor change.  The Guide won't contain source-compilation
instructions for Qtractor.

With this in mind, and pending what happens with JACK (as per my email
from five minutes ago), SuperCollider will be the only application not
available from a Fedora repository, aside from the real-time kernel.

It's nice that we're worrying about these things now, when there's so
much time left.


On 07/10/2010 07:04 PM, Karsten Wade wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 10:37:07AM -0700, Niels Mayer wrote:
>> Regarding my statements about instability in RPMfusion versions of
>> Qtractor. Note that I'm one of Qtractor's biggest fans -- which is why
>> I always want the latest and best version. Some of the bugs depend on
>> what you're doing with it. I basically abuse the software and do
>> things that it wasn't expecting to be used for, and then i can crash
>> it (although I'm usually impressed with the fact that it doesn't crash
>> despite the abuse I throw at it). There's been enough fixes in
>> subversion that I'm getting more stability just from having the svn
>> directory around, and doing "svn up" once a week, then "make" and
>> "make install" ...
> Considering that we're offering Qtractor because it removes complexity
> for the starting artist, I'm going to suggest that using your method
> to get the latest source is going to be a barrier ... if that's what
> the guide recommends.
> Is there a reason we can't package and maintain Qtractor for Fedora?
> I'll go take a look at your SRPMs right now to see what you've got
> going on, but I'm even more of a novice packager.  But I'm sure many
> of us want to see it packaged (I want to use Qtractor ... from a
> Fedora repository, preferably.)
> If we can see that the packages will be in Fedora by/around Fedora 14,
> perhaps Cristopher will write against those packages, knowing the
> packages will be in the repo for the reader.
> BTW, thanks for making your packages available, I'll give them a try
> and let you know how it goes.  (I'd consider recommending that we
> point readers at a fedorapeople.org yum repo as a workaround because
> it gives us more flexibility to get them to move to the formal repo
> when packages are fixed there.)
> - Karsten
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