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Re: Musicians' Guide in Development; Testing Needed!

On Friday, July 09, 2010 07:41:18 pm Christopher Antila wrote:
> Keep in mind, Qtractor is
> still "Alpha" software, according to its SourceForge website.  Audacity,
> Ardour, and QjackCtl on the other hand, are supposedly stable, but crash
> on me with regularity.

I've had excellent results with Ardour in the past; haven't done much with it on Fedora since I got Mixbus (on OS X).  I keep wanting to check it back out, making sure of course to rebuild from the source RPM with different configure options (especially turning off the crash-prone SYSLIBS option).  But been having too much fun with Harrison's DSP in Mixbus to go back to plain Ardour now....waiting with bated breath for Mixbus on Linux....

More complex to set up, but insanely flexible, Ardour is and has been my Linux tool of choice for multitracking for going on six years.

But I'm certainly willing to take a look at Qtractor at some point; but Ardour has done for me what I needed to do. And what I needed to do didn't involve MIDI, so YMMV.  Qtractor's surface capabilities certainly look good, especially when using my Tascam US-428.

I've used Audacity a number of times, and still do for simple two-track recording for later processing in Mixbus.  Audacity is pretty lightweight, and fairly easy to use for straight destructive editing.
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