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Re: Musicians' Guide in Development; Testing Needed!

Thanks for your response and comments.  One of the biggest issues that
I've had to face is the extensive documentation, explanation, and
instructions required to do even simple audio tasks - as you noted.

Also, because I wanted to include a wide variety of software, no
particular topic is covered beyond what I might consider a "basic
understanding."  With that in mind, a particular focus has been to get
the user operating with the minimum knowledge they need to both complete
simple tasks, and to find ways to complete complex tasks.  It's
difficult to say how successful this has been.

As the author of the Guide, I would greatly appreciate the input that
could be provided by an absolute beginner (with audio software) who is
nonetheless determined to learn - this is one of the primary target
audiences!  In particular, once the Ardour portion has been completed,
it would be useful to know how to further include people who have never
done audio recording work.

As for whether your brother is the person for this task, I will leave to
you to decide :)

Thanks again,

On 07/09/2010 03:45 AM, Nicholas Manojlovic wrote:
> I wouldn't mind trying this guide out on my brother. He wants to record but
> is confused by how to get started.
> I think it would be helpful if he had a 'click here, then here' sort of
> guide and some example workflows.
> Ie, how to start recording in Ardour.
> Install ardour and Qjackctl.
> Open Qjackctl. etc.
> Open Ardour. Add a track. Press Shift E. Click on 'Input' etc..Check what
> program is monitoring. Arm the track, go.
> Adding a drum track. Install Hydrogen. Open Hydrogen. Add a stereo
> track/Switch to JACK mode/etc..
> Obviously a guide like this would end up being quite detailed, and would
> probably require some sort of javascript 'pop up' to a glossary for terms a
> novice might not understand.
> It'd be difficult - but I think it would be helpful. As it stands I wouldn't
> be confident just sending him a link to the docs because there is no simple
> entry point to get started recording music.
> My 2c
> Cheers
> Nicholas
> On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 5:33 PM, Christopher Antila <crantila@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> Hello:
>> The Docs SIG is working on a guide for some of Fedora's music and audio
>> software, to be released with Fedora 14.  The Musicians' Guide is being
>> written primarily by me, as part of the Fedora Summer Coding program.
>> Some of the first drafts are complete, with others being added regularly.
>> I would greatly appreciate the help of all willing parties, to read the
>> documents, establish and ensure consistency, and check for grammar.  You
>> are even invited to use the documents to learn the software, if you wish
>> - all programs contain a tutorial where concepts are explained in the
>> context of producing a useful sound file (although I assume that most
>> subscribers to this list will already know).
>> The following web page will be updated regularly, as new material for
>> testing is written.
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Crantila/FSC/Testing
>> All comments and any assistance are appreciated.  In particular, if you
>> would prefer alternate programs for certain tasks, you can submit
>> requests with reasons - I know there has been some preference shown for
>> Denemo and MuseScore over Frescobaldi, for instance, and there are tons
>> of helpful little programs for synthesis and DSP.  Changes and additions
>> will not make it into the Fedora 14 Guide.
>> Regards,
>> Christopher.
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