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Re: Musicians' Guide in Development; Testing Needed!

I'd send all beginners to check out  qtractor's documentation, despite
being for an older verison of qtractor:

Using Qtractor means several less pieces of software need to be used,
as qtractor can do the job of qjackctl: it controls jackd, and sets
connections to various audio/midi devices on a per-project basis
(essentially, the qjackctl "patchbay" is saved with each project)...

Making music with qtractor means you can go from "zero" to "making
music" just by invoking the application: if you've saved and
configured your project correctly, simply load up the .qtr file, hit
play, and hear music.
All your keyboards, sound devices, audio ports,  LV2 or DSSI plugins,
etc will all be hooked up in the exact way you had them setup last
time you saved the project.

This is exactly the kind of "ready-to-hand" tool that a student needs
so they don't need to waste time with tedious configuration and setup
each time they want to work on music.

In the recent  past, I've made qtractor  packages available for
Fedora: I'd recommend not using the binary below except to just get a
feel for the app. Use the subversion trunk bleeding-edge version -- it
just means more bugs are fixed --
http://qtractor.sourceforge.net/qtractor-downloads.html#SVN and
http://qtractor.sourceforge.net/qtractor-index.html#Installation . To
see Rui's progress:

Here's my older "stable" release and modified SPEC file for fedora:

-- Niels

PS: I also think Denemo ( http://denemo.org/index.php/Get_Denemo ) is
also a powerful "all in one" system that is worth documenting as the
gnome/guile alternative to frescobaldi. Denemo will respond/read
keyboard-entered MIDI, and it lets you hear the notes as you move them
around, and play the score. Again, exactly the kind of "instant
gratification" that a student needs to stay on-task. Denemo seems
particularly oriented towards student education: it has interesting
"aural training" and other "note reading" exercises as menu-items,
using its built-in hypermedia capabilities to guide students, score
their answers to questions, etc.
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