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latest qjackctl from SVN significant improvement over Fedora's qjackctl 0.3.6-1.fc12

The Fedora version has annoying bugs that are fixed in the current svn
(QjackCtl: Any chance of a bugfix release picking up these
important fixes:

(1) Fixed: Patchbay connections made from a single midi subdevice to
different midi port's subdevices end up connecting to all subdevices
between ports. Requiriung hand-editing each time a patchbay is
activated where this bug is occurring.

(2) Fixed: Infinite loop and warning-dialog-lockout on jackd failure:

> Fons said:
> There is still the (older but not very old) problem of
> qjackctl going into and endless loop when it somehow
> fails to start jackd. The only solution in that case is
> to terminate it. Which can be a shooting game as windows
> keep popping up, and you have to close them all before
> a close on the main window is accepted.

(3) Fixed: You can now start multiple qjackctl's each talking to their
own soundcard
( http://old.nabble.com/Re:-qjackctl---server-name-p28828296.html ;)
   qjackctl --server-name=ICE1724 --preset=ICE1724_48
   qjackctl --server-name=M66       --preset=M66-Omni-Studio

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