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about Fedora updates

Hi folks, I just submitted rosegarden-10.02 to stable in Fedora since
nobody yelled at me, and those who commented didn't complain.

The main reason that I am writing is to ask you about your take on our
update strategy in Fedora. Currently, there is a heated discussion in
Fedora-devel mailing list about update policies. It might happen that
our updates policy might change to a more conservative one.

Are you happy with the current situation? What I do is, I typically
push an update to updates-testing, leave it there for 2 weeks minimum
(sometimes more). If no complaints, push it to stable updates repo. Do
you think that we are pushing updates too frequently? I like to keep
all of us up to date. We get a decently low number of bug reports. Do
you have a stability problem with this policy? I can stop doing
non-critical updates in stable Fedora releases if there is an issue.

I just wanted to hear your opinion.

music mailing list

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